Rental Brand new 1 bedroom Furnished Apartment Close to Train Station - Pâquis

                    LocationLocation Pâquis, GENEVA
  • Beds Beds 1
  • Daily rent Daily rent CHF 100.00
  • BedroomsBedrooms 1
  • Monthly | 30 daysMonthly | 30 days CHF 3'000
  • Bathrooms Bathrooms 1
  • DepositDeposit CHF 3'000
  • Accomodates Accomodates 2
  • AccomodatesMin. 30 days stay
  • AccomodatesCheck in 7/7 - 9am to 7pm
  • Daily Rent Daily Rent CHF 100.00
  • Monthly | 30 daysMonthly | 30 days CHF 3'000
  • DepositDeposit CHF 3'000
  • contactContact
Ref. N°: 266610


This apartment brand new is part of one of the latest building built in Geneva. It offers a separate bedroom, a lovely opened kitchen and a modern bathroom. It is on the 3rd floor of the building and located in the heart of the famous Pâquis area. The apartment includes two indoor bike spaces.

Apartment's surrounding

The most international and lively district of Geneva. It remains also the most practical one for transportation. The train station is located there and the highway to Lausanne or the airport is starting 5 minutes away by car from it. Its international aspects allow you to enjoy a wide variety of food and to find open 7/11 almost at every corner.