Private Customers

How to reserve a flat with Homenhancement ?

What is the next steps after the payement of the deposit during the reservation ?

Once the payement of the reservation done, you will receive a confirmation of the resevation by email with the invoice of the first month rent to be paid before arrival.
Then a team membre of Homenhancement will contact you to fix an appointement for check-in and to answer any subsidiary question.

What does the flats contains?

All the flats of Homenhancement fullfil specific standards : they are all equipped with linen, towels and kitchen equippement, as well as internet.

Does the flat has internet ?

All our flats are equipped with internet.

Is it allowed to smoke in the apartment ?

All our  apartments are non smoker

Are the apartments pets friendly ?

Normally not, exceptions can be made on request to the Company.

How can you extend your stay ?

If you would like to extend your stay you have to proceed to a new reservation, and a tenant has no priority on other tenants to come.

How does the checkout works ?

The company and the tenant will meet for the check out and go through the flat together to see if the flat is in the exact same state as at the entry statement.

Can I have access to a cleaning service with Homenhancement?

Homehancement doesn't provide a cleaning service during your stay, only on the check-out.
However, on request, we can provide this service to you for a extra fee of 30CHF per hour. Thanks to ask for it when you make your reservation.

Is an insurance mendatory to cover eventual damages ?

Yes you have to posses a civil responsability insurance that covers damages to the building and the furnitures

What are the payement methods accepted by Homenhancement ?

Paypal, bank wires or in Geneva with a payement terminal

What is included in the rent price ?

All the charges, heating, water, electricit and internet.

What is the deposit ?

The deposit is an amount that has two subsequent roles first to confirm the reservation and to cover an eventual anticipated cancelation. Once you paid your first month rent and checked-in it is here to cover damges to the flat or the furniture.

How does Homnehancement manages the deposit ?

The deposit is kept by the company until the end of the reservation. The deposit will be returned to the tenant in less than ten days, if the tenant doesn’t damage the flat or furniture.
If the tenant has damaged the flat or furniture, then the company has to keep the deposit until these damages are repaired.

How can I change the reservation dates ?

To change the resrvation dates you need to follow cancellation policy or extension policy. To effectuate a change is not possible.

What is the minimum rental time ?

One month, exepcted exceptional decision of Homenhancement.

Is there an inventory and statement of the building state ?

Yes during the check-in you will sign an inventory stating the main objects inside and there state, and the state of the walls, ceilings, kitchen and sanitaries.

Corporate Clients

Is it possible to do a company resrevation ?

During the reservation you can select the Company reservation section which will allow you to reserve a flat for one of your collegue or on the behalf of the company, to confirm a reservation the company needs to be registered in Geneva’s Business registration office and the reservation needs to be signed by his authorized signatory.

During a company reservation, what are the payement methods ?

Credit card and bank wires are accepted.

Flat's Owners

Can I give my property to be managed by Homenhancement ?

Homenhancement’s team will be happy to take care of your property. Our competent team will allow your property to be well marketed, through its decoration enhancement and with professional photo shooting. The website also drives a lot of demand.

Can Homenhancement take care of the decoration of my flat ?

Homenhancement can take care of the decoration of the flat if the goods needs it and the owners allows a budget for it. As we would like your object to deferentiate itself from the other goods on the market, our interior designer can offer you an original but practical decoration options.