3 Rooms Apartment in Plainpalais

with balcony and open view

  • LocationLocation Plainpalais, Geneva
  • BedsBeds 2
  • Daily rent Daily rent CHF 110.00
  • BedroomsBedrooms 1
  • Monthly | 30 daysMonthly | 30 days CHF 3'300
  • BathroomsBathrooms 2
  • DepositDeposit CHF 3'300
  • AccomodatesAccomodates 2-4
  • AccomodatesMin. 30 days stay
  • AccomodatesGreeting in person
  • Daily Rent Daily Rent CHF 110.00
  • Monthly | 30 daysMonthly | 30 days CHF 3'300
  • DepositDeposit CHF 3'300
  • contactContact
  • privatecustomers@homenhancement.ch
Ref. N°: 161554


This “art déco” apartment allows you to dive in a period full of style with high ceilings, beautiful mirrors, and bathrooms. Also, enjoy the charming view of the Plainpalais square and the calm alley. It is also at walking distance of a nice street of bars and Geneva\'s University.

Apartment's surrounding

The changing district, historically a middle-class district it became with the time a hipster, and art district. You will find there the Opera House, the Contemporary Art Museum and a lot of organic and nice coffees. You can also find old craftsmen's shops that still practice in a traditional way their tradition.