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Our short term rentals in Nations - Geneva

It is one of the neighbourhoods, which makes the international reputation of Geneva. In the northern part of the city, around the Nations place, stand the United Nations headquarters and many other world organisations.

Nations, an international neighbourhood of Geneva

The neighbourhood of the Nations is located on the northern side of the city, on the right bank of the Geneva Lake. It was named after the “Palais des Nations”, United Nations headquarters, and to the place that gives access to the Ariana park. It is in this area of Geneva where are gathered the international organisations, delegations and embassies.

An animated neighbourhood of Geneva

Restaurants, bars and clubs are countless in the streets of the Pâquis. The neighbourhood is animated for a good part of the evening and the night owls from around the world gather in the district of the right bank of the Lake. On the docks, luxurious hotels follow each others and accommodate international travellers. It must be said that the neighbourhood of the Nations is not far, as well as the old town of Geneva. It is a real melting-point that offers the Pâquis, a cosmopolitan and urban atmosphere, which is unique in the city.

As relaxing during summer as in winter

The Pâquis are well known for its public swimming pools. On the Mont-Blanc dock, “the Bain des Pâquis” welcomes the swimmers during the whole year. Many other activities are offered: climbing, paddling, diving… Events and well being space are also well appreciated by the Genevans. The Mont-Blanc and Wilson docks are admired for its privileged strolls, the water jet and the lake. The “Jardin des Alpes” with the Brunswick monument and other verdant spaces are also cherished relaxing places.

Where to stay in the Paquis

If you wish to stay in an animated and cosmopolitan neighbourhood, on the banks of the Geneva Lake, between the train station and the district of the international organisations, rent your apartment in the neighbourhood of the Pâquis. We offer you apartments in a location, which will hosts you with comfort throughout your stay in Geneva.