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5 Things to Do and Taste in Brussels in One Day

To explore Brussels thoroughly, you should set aside a few days. However, even if you only spend a day in this wonderful city, you can still create beautiful memories with a good plan. Brussels is ideal for walking, making it suitable for organizing a day trip. The most important thing is to feel the city's atmosphere, try good food and local beer, and not be burdened by the fact that you must visit most of the tourist attractions on the list.

The best times of the year to visit this city are spring and autumn because the weather is nice and pleasant for walking and getting to know the city. There are no crowds and not too many tourists.

Here are some ideas of what you can do, see, or taste in Brussels in one day.

Visit Royal Palace 

This impressive Palace from the 18th century is the residence of the Belgian royal family. It is in the city's heart and is open to the public. Visitors can see sumptuous rooms and galleries, including the throne room and the King's Garden.

The Palace also houses a royal library and a museum that houses some of Europe's most beautiful works of art. You may need more than one day to see everything the Palace offers, but we recommend looking at the most exciting parts and enjoying yourself in one of the surrounding cafes or restaurants after the tour.

Enjoy Street Art While Walking 

Brussels is famous for its "comic book route," which is enjoyed even by those who are not fans of comics but love to see fantastic murals and street art. Walls with scenes from comic books can be found on many walls in the city center, with the most in the neighborhoods of Sablon, Marolles, and Saint-Gilles.