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5 Best Activities for Couples in Brussels

Brussels is a city rich in history, culture, and romance. You can delight in world-famous chocolates, romantic walks through the city streets, and excellent coffee and food in one of the local cafes or restaurants. Brussels offers countless possibilities for an unforgettable trip as a couple.

Take a Romantic Boat Tour

Experience the city from a different perspective and observe it from one of the romantic boats. For an unforgettable sight, we recommend a night cruise for an entirely romantic atmosphere that will let you enjoy the city's lights. Some of these tours combine cruises with walking tours, allowing you to discover the medieval parts of the city while also introducing you to its modern spirit.

Discover the Sablon District

This part of Brussels is known for its art galleries, antique shops, and chocolate shops. If you love art, history, and luxury, we recommend browsing the antiques here for a pleasant afternoon. Enjoy the coffee and sweets in one of the many cafes and visit the beautiful church of Our Blessed Lady of the Sablon.

Enjoy a Live Jazz Performance

Brussels has a lively jazz scene, making it a natural paradise for fans of this type of music. Many clubs offer live jazz concerts. We recommend visiting The Music Village or Sounds Jazz Club for an intimate evening of music. Pleasant surroundings and relaxing entertainment are ideal for spending a romantic evening with your partner.