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TOP 5 Things You Need to See and Do in Geneva

The city of Geneva, one of the five wealthiest cities in the world, is the perfect spot to start your Switzerland adventure. These are top 5 must-see places to see.

The city of Geneva is the perfect place to start your Switzerland adventure. Surrounded by the Alps on the south, this gorgeous city with incredible history is located on the shores of Lake Geneva, closer to the French border. This cosmopolitan and international city is one of the five wealthiest cities in the world. But even if you don't want to break the bank, this city has much to offer tourists. 

Although Geneva is known to be one of the more expensive cities in the world, there is a vast selection of hotels and accommodations that can fit anyone's budget.

But let's start first with must-see places.


1. The Jet d'Eau of Geneva

A must-visit on everybody's list - the symbol of the city since its creation in 1891. A true icon of Geneva is 140m high and pushes 500 liters of water per second at 200km/h. But, its first purpose was not aesthetic. The first version was 30m high and acted as a safety valve for a water facility located in the city. The current version dates from the 1950s and is a must-see tourist attraction in this city.

2. Geneva Saint Peter's Cathedral

Located in the heart of the old town, St. Peters Cathedral is over 850 years old and Geneva's main church. It was being rebuilt over the centuries, combining various architectural styles from Gorhicto Ancient. It became a Protestant place of worship in 1535. The interior of the church is simple. All the ornaments and signs of luxury have been removed over the years, but the sheer size of the Cathedral still leaves visitors breathless. 

Be sure to climb the 157 steps tower, and you will be rewarded with a gorgeous view of Geneva. While you're there, visit The Chapel of the Maccabees, decorated in complete contrast to the rest of the Cathedral. In the archeological site in the basement, you will see the foundations of the old Cathedral.

3. Geneva Old Town

In this largest historic center in Switzerland, you will find some hidden treasures of Switzerland's most significant historical city. Be sure to attend local cafes and art galleries, enjoy the extraordinary architecture, and visit historic buildings. 

Some of the most emblematic old town places you have to visit besides the Cathedral are Bastion Park, The Reformation Wall, Calvin College, Trelle Promenade, The Travel House, and The Molard Tower. While strolling through the Old Town, you want to experience unique museums like Maison Tavel, Barbier-Mueller Museum, and the International Museum of the Reformation. 

4. Taste Swiss Chocolate 

If you are a chocolate lover, you must try delicious Swiss chocolate. You can book a guided tour of the chocolate culture of Geneva. This walking tour will take you through the roads of chocolate to the best shops and cafes in the city, where you can taste and shop delicious chocolate products. 

5. Geneva Botanical Garden

The botanical garden presents a collection of more than 12,000 species. It is located between Palais des Nations and Lake Geneva. Today, the Botanical Gardens and Conservatory occupy about 28 hectares. The first botanical gardens were created in 1817 and grew exponentially since then. The Botanical Garden also has a small Japanese garden and several greenhouses reproducing various climates – such as a tropical rainforest. And the admission is free. 

This list is just a tiny part of the numerous places to see and things to do in this gorgeous city. 

So now we have convinced you to come to this fantastic Swiss town. But the question is: where to stay in Geneva?

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