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With Cité, Saint-Gervais forms the old town of Geneva. The two historic districts face each other, from either side of the Rhône. The dynamic neighbourhood of Saint-Gervais is located on the right bank, in between Saint-Jean, Grottes and Pâquis.

Saint-Gervais, an historic neighbourhood of Geneva

Once occupied by a majority of watchmakers, who made Geneva’s reputation. Nowadays the district of Saint-Gervais is animated by many shops, cultural and artistic places, coffee shops and restaurants…

Our short term rentals in Saint-Gervais - Geneva

Comfortable 1 bedroom near Cornavin station

One Bedroom

Comfortable 1 bedroom near Cornavin station

Comfortable apartment close to International Organisations

One Bedroom

Comfortable apartment close to International Organisations

1 bedroom apartment in the vibrant neighborhood of Pâquis

One Bedroom

1 bedroom apartment in the vibrant neighborhood of Pâquis

Beautiful renovated apartment beside Lake Geneva

One Bedroom

Beautiful renovated apartment beside Lake Geneva

A dynamic and animated neighbourhood of Geneva

Cité-Centre and Saint-Gervais are both medieval neighbourhoods of Geneva. Splited with the Rhône running in between, they were once included inside the bulwarks. Now they are linked with the Mont-Blanc bridge. Other bridges cross the river and pass through the island, which is just at the exit door of the Geneva Lake. They give access to the Holland neighbourhood and to the bank district.

The neighbourhood of Saint-Gervais is particularly animated. Shops, department stores, restaurants, coffee shops, theaters, hotels…: it is one of the popular touristic place in Geneva. Especially as the central train station is nearby. Saint-Gervais is among the principal economic center of Geneva.

A stay in Geneva in a central district

With the privileged situation and its ambiance, the neighbourhood of Saint-Gervais is fitted for all kind of stay, including business trip. By the Rhône river, between the train station and Cité, you may benefit of the most appropriate location, reinforced again with many means of transports, which will drive you all around the city. Whether you come to Geneva for professional reasons or you would like a well located apartment to discover the city, Saint-Gervais is the ideal neighbourhood.

Where to stay in the centre of Geneva?

If you wish to stay in the city centre, select among the rental apartments that are located in Saint-Gervais. Equipped and furnished, those high quality accommodatins allow you to live comfortably in one of the most lively neighbourhood of Geneva.

The different point of interests

Geneva is among the most enjoyable cities to live in and the neighbourhood of Saint-Jean is not an exception. It is as enjoyable and quiet. Saint-Gervais is part of the administrative areas in Geneva and with great cultural background and surprisingly agricultural fields. By staying in Saint-Gervais you may benefit of :

All the advantages of an historic centre

Verdant areas as the square of Mont-Blanc

Religious building that made the history of Geneva

Schools, train station, restaurants, theatres, and other amenities.


To move around Saint-Gervais and Geneva, you can take the bus without any problems. Many bus lines link Saint-Gervais to other neighbourhoods.

Location Distances Time by car Time by public transport Time on foot
Geneva Cornavin main train station 700m 3 min 7 min 7 min
Geneva Airport 4.7 km 12 min 20 min 56 min
Historical Center 2 km 10 min 14 min 38 min
Marina / Nautical Club 3.5 km 11 min 24 min 38 min

Average price for a rent in Saint-Gervais

The average price for a rental apartment or studio in Saint-Gervais is affordable compare to other neighbourhoods. It is due to the high offer of modest accommodations in the area.

Our accommodations in the neighbourhood

Homenhancement offers you many furnished accommodations with competitive prices in the neighbourhood of Saint-Gervais. Thanks to our expertise you will find quickly your dream place that will match your requirements and budget.

The neighbouring districts

As real specialists in the real estate in Geneva, we offer other accommodations that could suit in the neighbouring districts.


A neighbourhood not too posh and not too popular, that make your stay comfortable.


True cosmopolitan neighbourhood of Geneva, you may come and be welcomed by its inhabitants, who are open minded.

Old-Town / City-Center

The famous historic centre and also administrative area of Geneva, only a few steps away from Saint-Gervais.

Dans le quartier Lancy

Only a kilometre away from Saint-Gervais, Lancy offer the same lively, friendly and young ambiance.