Rental New Budget Furnished Studio Apartment in Geneva Center - Champel

                    LocationLocation Champel, GENEVA
  • Beds Beds 1
  • Daily rent Daily rent CHF 86.70
  • BedroomsBedrooms 0
  • Monthly | 30 daysMonthly | 30 days CHF 2'600
  • Bathrooms Bathrooms 1
  • DepositDeposit CHF 2'600
  • Accomodates Accomodates 2
  • AccomodatesMin. 3 months
  • AccomodatesOffice hours check in
  • Daily Rent Daily Rent CHF 86.70
  • Monthly | 30 daysMonthly | 30 days CHF 2'600
  • DepositDeposit CHF 2'600
  • contactContact
Ref. N°: 214041


This nice fully furnished studio apartment is located in a quiet district nearby the center of Geneva. At 5 minutes walking distance, you will find Italy Embassy or Bunge SA. The studio offers a large room with a double bed and a sofa, as well as a well equipped kitchen and a bathroom. It is designed to combine your work, your leisure activities and the rest.

Apartment's surrounding

A safe and modern residential district. It attracts a lot of rich people in Geneva for its safety, greenness and calm. Also, you remain very close to the very center.