Cheerful Furnished Apartment

in Geneva Center

  • LocationLocation Geneva, Champel
  • BedsBeds 1
  • Daily rent Daily rent CHF 86.70
  • BedroomsBedrooms 0
  • Monthly | 30 daysMonthly | 30 days CHF 2'600
  • BathroomsBathrooms 1
  • DepositDeposit CHF 2'600
  • AccomodatesAccomodates 2
  • AccomodatesMin. 30 days stay
  • AccomodatesCheck in 7/7 - 9am to 7pm
  • Daily Rent Daily Rent CHF 86.70
  • Monthly | 30 daysMonthly | 30 days CHF 2'600
  • DepositDeposit CHF 2'600
  • contactContact
Ref. N°: 214396


Designed for everyday use, this colorful apartment ensures you an optimal comfort with its equipment. The main room is composed of a double bed, a dining table, a sofa, a coffee table, two chests, a shelter and a television. The kitchen is fully equipped and the bathroom has a bathtub. It is cleverly fitted so that you can reconcile your leisure time, your work and relaxation. Its optimal location allows you to be close to shops, parcs and public transport. In addition, you will find several international organizations such as Trafigura, the Italian Embassy or Bunge SA a few minutes walk from the apartment.

Apartment's surrounding

A safe and modern residential district. It attracts a lot of rich people in Geneva for its safety, greenness and calm. Also, you remain very close to the very center.