Rental 2 Bedroom apartment near Plaine de Plainpalais - Plainpalais

                    LocationLocation Plainpalais, GENEVA
  • Beds Beds 2
  • Daily rent Daily rent CHF 110.00
  • BedroomsBedrooms 2
  • Monthly | 30 daysMonthly | 30 days CHF 3'300
  • Bathrooms Bathrooms 1
  • DepositDeposit CHF 3'300
  • Accomodates Accomodates 3
  • AccomodatesMin. 30 days stay
  • AccomodatesGreeting in person
  • Daily Rent Daily Rent CHF 110.00
  • Monthly | 30 daysMonthly | 30 days CHF 3'300
  • DepositDeposit CHF 3'300
  • contactContact
Ref. N°: 255371


This wide apartment is ideally located 1 minute walk from the famous Plaine de Plainpalais. Perfect for a family, the flat consists of 1 comfortable master bedroom, 1 small bedroom, and one fully equipped kitchen opened on the living room. On the 4th floor, this crossing apartment offers a quiet bedroom oriented on the courtyard.

Apartment's surrounding

The changing district, historically a middle-class district it became with the time a hipster, and art district. You will find there the Opera House, the Contemporary Art Museum and a lot of organic and nice coffees. You can also find old craftsmen's shops that still practice in a traditional way their tradition.